By day, I'm an engineer...working in a logical world of numbers and theory. In my spare time, I love to feed my creative side in any way that I can. That is probably the reason that I offer handmade goods in many different mediums; prints, jewelry, t-shirts, cards...and who knows what will come up in the future.

I started out by making pendant necklaces and beaded earrings. Working with my hands to assembly jewelry was very soothing and relaxing at the end of a long day. I started seeing my stock grow larger and decided it was time to see if I could sell some of it. What a wonderful thing it would be, I thought, to see my handmade jewelry adorning someone's neck and/or ears. I launched Melly Luna in 2014 and immediately had several fan followers. I have been perfecting my skills and expanding my line of goods ever since.

My work can also be found in local Huntsville, AL shops - a huge part of my expansion in 2015.

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